Patented One-to-One Advertising

Audience Database brings employers high-caliber talent by pinpointing them based on physical locations they frequent and their online activities, then targeting them digitally at home and at work. By combining machine learning, online behaviors, and our patented IP Ad Tech we are able to connect companies with their specific pools of talent in ways never before seen in recruiting.

  • Machine Learning
  • Online Behaviors
  • IP Targeting
  • Geo-Framing Technology
  • Account Based Marketing

The Technical Details


Geo-Framing allows companies to map businesses, competitors, and other high value locations and identify and target any devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) that were seen within that a specified location. With Geo-Framing, we see devices from the past 6 months. The devices are then matched to an IP and physical address, where digital media and physical mail can be delivered.

IP Targeting

IP Targeting does not use cookies, which is revolutionary in the digital advertising world. Our patented IP algorithm determines the IP address based on the physical address, which is then used for precise digital ad targeting at the IP/router level. This type of targeting is beneficial for recruiters because it incorporates offline data.

Reverse Append

Reverse Append takes anonymous site visitors’ IP addresses and runs them through our IP algorithm, determining their physical home or office address. In order to do this, we add a reverse append pixel to the site, capturing anonymous web traffic and matching it to a physical address. We work with our client to set the business rules on site interaction to qualify and segment audiences.

Reshaping Recruiting

The combination of this data along with our patented technology allows us to bring employers the top quality candidates they’ve been looking for.