About AUDB

Everything You Need For Recruiting

AUBD allows us to identify with great precision the exact kind of individuals your company is looking to hire. Our technology is unprecedented as it proves able to greatly reduce the overall expense of staffing while drastically speed up the hiring process. What we are able to accomplish is something top employers need now more than ever, connecting them with the right candidates. With this, the candidates that we produce tend to be so accurately qualified that our clients are likely to see their retention rate improve.

Modernizing and influencing recruitment

Bridging Online & Offline

Audience Database exists to change the way employers find and target superior candidates. AUDB brings together a combination of both offline and online triggers in order to identify potential candidates.

Offline & Online Behavior

Offline Behavior

Offline triggers consist of physical locations where the audience is likely to go, indicating someone as being in-market. Our Geoframe technology allows us to identify devices seen at desired locations. The behaviors that an employee exhibits greatly differs from that of a consumer, allowing us to be able to isolate those deemed as employees.

Online Behavior

Online triggers consist of websites that would indicate someone as being in-market for job recruitment. For example, those who we see browsing job site aggregators and employer review sites we can deem as someone looking for a career move.

Meet The Team

Lindsey Miller

Lindsey Miller has over 30 years of Senior Level Human Resource Management experience with General Electric. Her range of work spans across four different businesses. Her areas of expertise include Organization and Staffing, Workforce Planning & Employment, Manager of Recruiting, Compensation & Benefits, Training & Development, RIF and Outplacement Support, Labor Relations, Ombudsman, Foundation Grant Management, etc.

Miller also possesses extensive experience in designing and delivering training on a variety of subjects such as: Executive Coaching and Assessment, Recruitment & Hiring Manager Training, Performance Management, and Leadership Development.

Lindsey’s strong experience as an accomplished HR professional along with her vast knowledge behind business processes make her an extremely valuable asset. Not only is she experienced, but Lindsey is also passionate about her role of helping companies attract the right talent to the right positions and successfully competing for highly qualified, skilled workers. This is one of the top challenges today’s organizations face, making Lindsey an invaluable asset. She is equipped to help businesses identify the best candidates, shorten their hiring process, reduce their expenses, and minimize their turnover.

Lindsey holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Economics from Northland College. She has also received extensive training at Crotonville, GE’s premier training facility.

On a more personal note, Lindsey is married to Mark Campisano, a general contractor. Together they have two grown children who live in San Francisco and NYC. Much to her delight, both of their children they are gainfully employed in careers they love.

lindsey miller
greg mosely

Greg Mosley

Since he began his career in sales well over a decade ago, Greg Mosely has managed to grow his stature even beyond high expectations. While he began as an extremely driven and accomplished starter, he quickly earned his place as a manager and director over sales teams. Of Greg’s 15+ years in sales, 12 of those have been spent in the digital world. His experience has ranged from mobile communication to now building and selling digital campaign strategies for national recognized brands.

Greg has a consistent track record of holding positions as head of sales in almost every company he has worked with, starting with AT&T and continuing through to his current position with El Toro. Greg currently holds a role as the Director of Sales at El Toro, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the country.

With so many years of sales and advertising experience under his belt, Greg tends to be the ‘go-to’ guy when his team needs a solid client pitch or a knowledgeable face in front of clients. His outgoing, creative, and forward-thinking tendencies have proven to not only engage clients, but leave them wanting more.

Outside of being a digital sales expert, you can typically find Greg with his husband, Maurice Zakhir. The two of them both hold leadership positions on El Toro team. Together they spend most of their time with friends, traveling, or at the park with their four dogs.