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AUDB, short for Audience Database, is a cutting edge and proprietary solution that bridges the physical and online world so that employers can find better candidates, faster, while saving costs paid out to Staffing and Recruitment Companies. AUDB may not sound like a traditional recruitment company, but that’s because we aren’t.

Cookie-Free Approach

Audience Database brings employers high-caliber talent by pinpointing them based on physical locations they frequent and their online activities, then targeting them digitally at home and at work. By combining machine learning, online behaviors, and our patented IP Ad Tech we are able to connect companies with their specific pools of talent in ways never before seen in recruiting.

How it works.

Too often employers are caught up in trying to find quality candidates. We see a number of employers placing ads online through job-search engines or hiring recruiting companies. This tends to make recruiting a costly and ineffective undertaking. AUDB is helping reshape what it means to be a recruiting agency with patented technology that reaches top employees before anyone else.


Identify Locations

The power of AUDB is the ability to locate and target high value prospects from locations that they frequent. Step one of a campaign is to identify the locations your prospects work. Are they in a specific hospital? A manufacturing plant? Locate the area and we’ll do the rest!


Collect Device IDs

Once the location is given, our proprietary technology can grab the Device IDs of your desired prospects from that specific location. From here, our technology can locate the home of the device, allowing for IP Targeting and other forms of digital marketing.


Target Prospects

AUDB gives recruiters the ability to harness the power of IP Targeting technology and target prospects via the IP address. Your message can be precise and specific to the audience you are trying to reach. AUDB is revolutionizing recruiting like no other company.

benefits to employers

  • Identify with great precision the EXACT kind of individuals your company is looking to hire
  • Reduce the overall expense of staffing, (headhunter costs, advertising costs, etc.)
  • Drastically speed up the hiring process
  • Reduce internal staffing personnel (which is often contract labor)
  • Target these highly qualified candidates with info and ads when they are at home, not at work.
  • Recruit the top talent who live near the place of employment. It benefits everyone if employees can bike to work, walk to work, or have a short commute.

Our Technology

Geo-Employee Data & Analytics

Custom Demand Space Audiences

Proactive & Patented Recruitment Tech

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